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American Girl Dolls Information

American Girl Dolls Information

The History of American Girl Dolls

The first American Girl doll in 1986, introduced the historical story of 9 year old girls growing up in a particular time in history. Originally made by The PleasantCompany and then sold to Mattel in 1998, American Girl Dolls feature stories about girls from our past as well as girls of today.

Sizing Clothes for Your American Girl Doll

The American Girl doll is an 18 inch doll. In addition to height, critical measurements are waist 11 and hips 12.25. There are many makers of American girl doll clothes. Some advertise their clothes as fitting American Girl dolls and others advertise the doll clothes as 18 inch doll clothes. To be sure of a proper fit it is wise to purchase clothes that are sold as fitting American Girl dolls. Some of the other 18 inch dolls are slightly slimmer or chubbier so the fit maybe a bit lose or tight. The Our Generation doll, sold at Target, also an 18 doll has a waist of 11 and hips 11 .

American girl doll clothes are made to suit the imagination of every little girl. There are period clothes and colonial dresses, doll clothes for a princess, fashions for the beach, the playground, a party, or to dream at the end of a busy day. The American doll of today offers buyers the option of choosing hair, eye, and skin color.

If you are so inclined to dust off your sewing machine or teach your little one to sew, here you will find a number of popular free doll clothes patterns. There are also free 18" doll clothes patterns which will be generic in form fitting most of the 18 inch dolls such as American Girl, Our Generation and Magic Attic dolls.

The American Girl doll is an 18" doll. The following are other dolls that are also 18" tall. However, the waist and chest measurements vary.

  • Apple Valley 18" doll
  • Chatty Cathy
  • Classmates
  • Corolle
  • Creative Doll (Ashley)
  • Daisy Kingdom dolls
  • 18" Disney Doll
  • Faithful Friends, by Heidi Ott
  • Friendship Kids, by Kingstate
  • Girls on the Go
  • Liberty Landing
  • Lissi
  • Our Generation, sold at Target
  • Sophia's Heritage Dolls
  • Syndees 18" dolls
  • 18" Tolly Dolls, sold at Wal-Mart

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